It’s always a good thing to arrive on time as you can get flustered or pressured when people arrive late. The idea is to get as much as you can from the session, looks and styles.

Prepare for the session:

Facial hair and beard:
Facial hair: grow facial hair if need be as it’s always good for a gritty look and you will shave it part way during the session.
Beard: It’s a good idea to shave it off half way through the session as it completely changes the look and the shape of your face.

• Don’t get your hair cut on the day or day before as from experience they occasionally don’t go quiet right and a re-booking is needed. You will be able to change your hairstyle throughout the session, normally you will start with a natural look and no product, then use as much as you would normally do to get a more styled look. Women of course, can go hair up and hair down, straight, curly, messy and neat (probably not all these! But what suits you best).

• Start the session with a natural look (even if you don’t like it! It’s always a good place to start from) and then build-up as we go on from there.

What to bring:
Women: V-necks, round necks, t-shirt, jumpers, jackets, hoodies, dresses don’t mind slight patterns with different materials as long as they are not too busy, and thicker straps on shoulders can work better than thin straps.

Men: V-necks, round necks, t-shirts, jumpers, hoodies, shirts, suit and tie, and an overcoat with a nice collar could look nice too. The odd lumberjack shirt can always go down well.

Bring styles from urban to professional looking! And different colours to match your eyes and show your skin tone – I have sent people home before because they have brought only two t-shirts and neither of them worked. So better to bring too much, than not enough.

The Session:

The shots are taking over 2 hours, in daylight in sunny Dalston (East London) where my studio is located (please refer to the directions page). You will have around 4 to 5 changes of clothes/styles over the session (so plenty of time). The session photos are in colour. You can view your work online on the same day to select the final retouched pictures. The retouched work can take 2/3 working days. Please note that it is a different retouch required for a colour picture or converting to black & white.

Cancelations & Deposit:

I can get cancellations from time to time, especially on Monday mornings! And as a prevention I now take a small deposit to make sure people leave the pub on time the night before. I understand that things happen out of our control from time to time but I need enough notice to hopefully fill your space with another client. The deposit required will only be kept if you cancel on the day or the day before or don’t turn up at all. And if not, this deposit will of course go to your final payment.


Standard Rate: £300

which includes 2 retouched HR images

Full-Time Student Rate: £240

which includes 2 retouched HR images

Extra Retouched Images: £24 Each

Please note that it is a different retouch required for either colour or black & white and I will need to know what it is when you order