Simon Shorten

Brandon has a wonderful ability to make you feel completely at ease during his shoots. having headshots taken can make you feel incredibly vulnerable but Brandon is a true master at getting you to relax and let your personality shine through. This is my second session with Brandon, I'm thrilled with the results and I would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone!!

Katie Elin-Salt

Booked in with Brandon Jan 2023. Had a fantastic experience and was thrilled with the results. Carine and Brandon were quick and helpful with communication whilst booking. Brandon was easy to find in an East London location, easy to find and a 2 min walk from Dalston Kingsland tube. Brandon gave me his number and met me at the gate. The studio is fab with lots of light and space in an indoor location, with a shaded outdoor area for exterior shots. Brandon also provides a dressing table with everything you need to get ready (brushes, bobbles, hairspray) - which makes a big difference. You are able to get ready in comfort and at your own pace. Brandon is very helpful and thorough with look and costume choices. The shoot itself was a pleasure - he made me feel totally at ease, went through a whole host of looks, showed me photos throughout and left lots of time to talk through things after. Brandon sent me all shots within 2 hours, and once myself and my agent had chosen a selection I was able to send them over with notes for retouching. I had everything back and ready to go within a week. I am entirely thrilled with the end result. Brandon has a great eye for not only capturing the essence of "you" but also noticing and enhancing the full range of your casting brackets. I have about 5 photos which are totally diverse, but all equally brilliant. After a great experience from start to finish - I now have a set of the best headshots I've ever had in my 15 years as an actor. Would wholeheartedly recommend him to all. Thanks so much Brandon, Katie x

Laura Greenwood

For actors, headshots can be very emotional things. With so much of our careers down to chance, a headshot can feel like a tangible thing to hold onto. If I get this right, I'll get my break. If I get the right look, a director I love might want to meet me. Getting them right can feel like you are trying to hold a moonbeam in your hand. Essentially, you're bottling a piece of your soul, hoping above hope that your face, among a sea of faces, will connect. I started working professionally when I was seven. I'm now 32. In that time, I've had years where I haven't stopped working. I've had years where I've never worked at all. I am in awe of anyone who decides to act. Really. I am in awe of every actor who dares to dream. It is a brutally beautiful profession. There's no knowing how long you need to awkwardly explain your life choices to well-meaning relatives or do weird jobs you never knew existed to try and make ends meet. The clincher is there's no knowing where the story ends. No linear career progression. No guarantees. Acting gurus would love us to believe they know what works. They don't. People have hunches. No one actually knows. It is a wild ride. Truly. To me, these photos represent a moment in time. A threshold. A portal. I don't know where they will take me. I pray far as I feel more ready now to give than I have ever done before. My huge thanks to the supremely talented @brandon_bishop_photography, who took these beautiful photos. Brandon put me at ease, and the experience was enjoyable and healing. Brandon took my first headshots (shot on film, no digital back then!), so it felt very special to shoot with him.

Mark Cook

I just had new headshots done by the brilliant Brandon! He is amazing ! Fantastic characterful location and such a laugh! Really felt like I was visiting a mate and felt utterly unrushed and comfortable. Definitely will be my go-to headshot guy now .

Jake Alun

"As an actor, I had always struggled to find a headshot photographer who could capture my versatility and character; that was until I had my first session with Brandon in 2016. After that moment, I could never bring myself to go to a different photographer. He has a real talent for capturing personality and character, as well as an ability to select items of your wardrobe that will compliment potential character types. Brandon's talent for headshot photography has provided me with a wonderful, characterful, and striking set of headshots for my portfolio, which has allowed me to stand-out in what is a very over-saturated industry, and subsequently book some wonderful jobs! Since having my photos done with Brandon, I have gone on to shoot for several national commercial campaigns for EE Broadband, Wilko, Uber Eats, John Lewis, Domino's, and The Great British Bake-Off to name a few. I couldn't recommend Brandon enough - he's a true talent, and a wonderful guy!"

Venetia Tiarks-Clark

"Having been an actress for many years, I can confidently say working with Brandon was by far the best experience I've had with my headshots. As soon as you meet Brandon you feel at ease, that he really knows this industry and that the shoot is going to be fun, warm and professional. Brandon goes through everything with you step by step at the start, offers great advice for your outfits and helps break any nerves you may be feeling. I felt really relaxed during the shoot and the proof is in the final edits, they are so natural yet each photo shows a totally different character I could play with no signs of being staged. These are by far my favourite set of headshots I've had in my career and I couldn't recommend using Brandon enough. Also Carine is organised, helpful and lovely. Every step of the experience is personal, a delight and worth every penny spent" Venetia Tiarks – Clark (LAMDA Specialist and drama tutor)

Lorenzo Bulgin

"Had an amazing experience shooting with Brandon."

Thomas Falconer

'Such an awesome guy. I'd never had a headshot session prior and Brandon made me feel real relaxed and it was an enjoyable couple of hours. Knows how to make you look good and meets the kind of thing you're going for. '

Daniel Fearn

Amazing photographer - Have used since 2012.

John Macneill

Brandon runs a great session in his comfortable studio in East London. There's plenty of hanging space for your outfits, properly-lit makeup area, and hot water for shaving. The session is professional, but relaxed and the results are great. Highly recommended.