For actors, headshots can be very emotional things. With so much of our careers down to chance, a headshot can feel like a tangible thing to hold onto. If I get this right, I'll get my break. If I get the right look, a director I love might want to meet me. Getting them right can feel like you are trying to hold a moonbeam in your hand. Essentially, you're bottling a piece of your soul, hoping above hope that your face, among a sea of faces, will connect. I started working professionally when I was seven. I'm now 32. In that time, I've had years where I haven't stopped working. I've had years where I've never worked at all. I am in awe of anyone who decides to act. Really. I am in awe of every actor who dares to dream. It is a brutally beautiful profession. There's no knowing how long you need to awkwardly explain your life choices to well-meaning relatives or do weird jobs you never knew existed to try and make ends meet. The clincher is there's no knowing where the story ends. No linear career progression. No guarantees. Acting gurus would love us to believe they know what works. They don't. People have hunches. No one actually knows. It is a wild ride. Truly. To me, these photos represent a moment in time. A threshold. A portal. I don't know where they will take me. I pray far as I feel more ready now to give than I have ever done before. My huge thanks to the supremely talented @brandon_bishop_photography, who took these beautiful photos. Brandon put me at ease, and the experience was enjoyable and healing. Brandon took my first headshots (shot on film, no digital back then!), so it felt very special to shoot with him.

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Actress Headshot

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18 May 2024